• The Erie SeaWolves

    The Erie Seawolves

    The Erie SeaWolves began playing in the New York/Penn League in 1995 as the Class A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The name SeaWolves due to the City's proximity to the lake, the historical factors of Lake Erie and its relationship with the Pirates. In the English language, the word SeaWolves is synonymous with Pirates, individuals who commit or practice piracy. SeaWolves are robbers on the high seas. While the SeaWolves of today do not commit piracy at Sea, they have been known to steal a few bases at Jerry Uht Ballpark as well as the hearts of their fans.

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  • The Erie Otters

    The Erie Otters

    In 1996 The Erie Otters arrived in Erie. The athletes are destined to become the National Hockey League stars of the future, and they are competing in Erie. The Erie Otters are a community-based hockey team with the management and players dedicated to representing the Erie community. Otters' players are involved with many public "otter"graph sessions and the entire team is involved with numerous community and charity events.

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  • The Erie BayHawks

    The Erie Bayhawks

    The Erie BayHawks are a professional basketball team based in Erie, Pennsylvania. They are part of the NBA Development League, which is the National Basketball Association's official minor league.

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