More About the Program

  • This ordinance requires all non-owner occupied residential units to be registered annually and inspected once every two years.
  • In the case of units that have been sold, transferred or newly constructed, the new owner shall seek a Rental Registration for each unit purchased or acquired within 60 days.
  • The annual fee for this program is $40 per unit; late fees will be applied (see Section 330.03 of the Ordinance for details)

For Further Information please refer to the 
Residential Rental Registration Ordinance

You may also contact:

Darlene Blanks, Rental License Compliance Clerk

Andrea Kensill, Rental License Data Entry Clerk

NOTE: In order to properly process a Rental License Registration form for your property, the following information is REQUIRED:
Liability Insurance Company, Policy Number, Policy Expiration Date (month/day/year)
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