Department of Public Works, Property, and Parks

Mission Statement

To enhance the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Erie by effectively and efficiently delivering City services and developing and maintaining City infrastructure, including parks, streets, sewers, traffic systems, public buildings, vehicles and equipment, as well as providing engineering services for public improvement projects, enforcing of private property building construction and maintenance codes and establishing community partnerships through grants and technical assistance, resulting in a high quality of life and a solid foundation for economic development and neighborhood revitalization.
About the Department of Public Works, Property & Parks

Often “behind the scenes” but always on the front lines, the City of Erie’s Department of Public Works, Property & Parks (Public Works) staff is responsible for engineering, building and maintaining the City’s infrastructure and public facilities, as well as providing services including sewer collection and treatment, refuse and recycling and maintenance of City vehicles and equipment. Public Works has positioned the City’s infrastructure below the ground as a foundation for economic development and neighborhood revitalization.

On a daily basis, the work performed by Public Works staff has a direct impact on the quality of life for the residents, businesses, and visitors. Their professionalism and dedication are key factors in not only how well the City of Erie operates, but also in supporting the economic vitality of the City. From parks and recreation to streets and sidewalks, from engineering and design to facilities construction and maintenance, and from street signs to street trees, the Public Works staff has a hand in virtually
all aspects of making Erie a great place to live.

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Public Works, Property & Parks Contacts
Welcome to the Public Works portion of the city website.
Public works is broken down into several departments for your convenience.

Parks and Recreation Guide
Phase II Storm Water Management Program
Traffic Engineering
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