Single Stream Recycling

We call it Single Stream recycling, because all eligible recyclable material (see list below) may be placed into a single clear or blue bag every week. Residents may place as many full bags of single stream recyclables as necessary curbside every week on the same night as their refuse pick-up.

  1. USE BLUE OR CLEAR RECYCLABLE PLASTIC BAGS available at most retail stores in the area.
    1. GLASS BOTTLES and JAR: clear, brown, and green. Rinsed and unbroken. DO NOT include window glass, drinking glasses, or light bulbs.
    2. METAL FOOD or BEVERAGE CANS: all types. Rinsed thoroughly. Crushed or uncrushed. DO NOT include: metal cookware, clothes hangers, or aerosol cans.
    3. PLASTIC CONTAINERS: numbers 1 through 7 (look on the bottom) such as beverage, detergent bottles, and milk, juice, and water jugs, include lids. Rinse thoroughly. Crushed or uncrushed. DO NOT include plastic toys, furniture or styrofoam.
    4. NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES: Place loose in bags or tie in bundles. DO NOT include phone books.
    5. CARDBOARD. Place in bags or set out loosely.
    6. PAPER BOARD/CHIP BOARD such as cereal and food boxes, pop and beer cartons, egg cartons and paper bags. DO NOT include wax coated boxes or pizza boxes.
    7. PAPER: ALL GRADES and COLORS, such as junk mail, envelopes, writing, typing, wrapping and computer paper. DO NOT include: paper towels, napkins, carbon paper, wax paper or plastic wrap.
  3. PLACE BLUE/CLEAR BAGS AT CURBSIDE apart from trash on same evening as regular collection of household refuse.

DO NOT INCLUDE: Refuse of any kind, diapers, heavily soiled containers, motor oil or petroleum containers, household hazardous waste or chemicals, medical waste or needles (place in hard sealed containers and dispose of with refuse).

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